MGP 24 Everyday Cleaner

MGP 24 Everyday Cleaner

from £35.00

MGP 24 is a safe, efficient universal cleaner with a pleasant fragrance. Recommended for ordinary and extraordinary cleaning of treated and waxed surfaces of marble, polished granite, ceramic and natural stone.

Yield: 1 litre for about 100 sqm.

Instructions: ordinary cleaning: use 1 litre every 30 litres of water. Thorough cleaning: use 1 litre every 10 litres of water. Apply the product, diluted as required, with a floor-mop and rub until the surface is cleaned. Allow to dry before walking on it.

Delivery normally within 2 working days. Should delivery take longer you will be advised accordingly.

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Available sizes

  • 1 Litre - £35.00
  • 5 Litres - £160.00

Note: All prices are for 1 metre squared.

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