Important Notes


Thank you for choosing Kudos as your supplier of natural stone, our tiles are of the highest quality and will give you many years of pleasure. Please follow our guidelines below to ensure a hassle free experience


  • Delivery will normally be either carried out by ourselves or a third party depending on distance from our depot. All deliveries normally take place between 9am and 5pm.
  • The driver is not insured to handle goods into your property.
  • The goods should be checked at the time of delivery, any damaged tiles should be reported within 48 hours.
  • If goods are not accepted for any reason other than the tiles being damaged or wrong than the cost of delivery and cost of returning the goods to the depot will be charged as well as a 30% handling charge.



  • All our tiles are made from natural stone and although there is a slight variation in colour this is perfectly normal.
  • The variation in colour usually enhances the natural aesthetics of the stone.
  • We make every effort possible to select consistent colours and maintain batch consistency in our selection of tiles.
  • We recommend that you allow 5% wastage for damage that could be caused through transport and a further 5% during fitting. Tilers will normally use any chipped tiles for off cuts.
  • Small chips and markings are deemed the industry norm and are fully acceptable and should be used. If tiles are specified as “filled” this means that the tiles are filled with cement resin filler. It is possible that with wear movement in the substrate may occur and this also the industry normal


Tiles come straight from our factory there is every chance that they will be delivered damp. This is due to the cutting process. If this is the case with tiles that you have purchased then allow them to dry completely before laying them. Allowing them to dry will identify any possibility of extreme colour variation.

The majority of problems with natural stone floor tiles stem from errors in the installation process.
Here are a few guidelines to follow to avoid such problems.

  • Adhesive should always be spread on the back of the tile and on the back of the substrate.
  • Dotting and dabbing on the back of the tile can cause the appearance of colour shading from behind the tile.
  • Always ensure the bed of adhesive is constant
  • Always seek the advice of our reprensatives when choosing the appropriate adhesive.
  • Always make sure that the floor or wall is completely clean before applying any adhesive and tiles.
  • Always seal the tile before prior to grouting to ensure full saturation has occurred. Once saturation has occurred then the next step is to grout the tile then seal again before grouting for the final time.
  • Remove spillages as soon as they happen as sealing will not prevent etching from acids and bleaching agents.
  • Never lay tiles with scratches and blemishes in prominent places.
  • We recommend using our experienced experts to lay the stone as they are specialists in the installation of natural stone.
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