MGT 27 Sealer (Polished)

MGT 27 Sealer (Polished)

from £40.00

MGT 27 is a solvent based water-oil-proofing treatment for polished marble, granite and agglomerates. Protects polished marble and granite surfaces against staining substances like oil, coffee, grease, etc. It does not protect marble that can cause a slight corrosion. Creates a barrier against dirt and makes cleaning easier. Recommended for kitchen tops, tables, floors and linings.

Yield: 1 litre for about 12 – 15 sqm.

Instructions: evenly apply MGT 27 on the polished surface with circular movements; in case of highly absorbing surfaces, apply 2 coats. After drying and complete evaporation of the product, the surface will be protected and no residues or colour changes will be noted. On poorly absorbing marble and granite, the product can leave some residues. In this case, remove with a cloth or floor polisher.

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Available sizes

  • 1 Litre - £40.00
  • 5 Litres - £180.00

Note: All prices are for 1 metre squared.

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