MGT 6 Seal ( Rough + Honed)

MGT 6 Seal ( Rough + Honed)

from £40.00

Stain-proofing, oil-repellent treatment for sandstone in general, marble, granite,
natural stone, rough, sandblasted, bush-hammered, flamed, honed finished,
agglomerates. Full-absorption impregnator; it gives stone its natural beauty and
does not leave translucent residues on the surface.

  1. - Instructions: Smooth and polished surfaces: using a cloth evenly apply MGT 6 on the
    surface with circular movements. Rough or split-bush-hammered surfaces: evenly spray
    MGT 6 with a low-pressure gun. Allow to dry for 4 – 6 hours before applying a second coat.
    Use the product on clean and dry surfaces only.
  2. - Yield: 1 litre for 6 – 10 sqm.
  3. - Maintenance: MGT 6 is a full-absorption product that prevents stone surfaces from
    staining, protects and leaves them unaltered. However, in case of roughness or
    unevenness, surfaces can get dirty. In this case, we recommend the use of MGT 5 that
    forms a protection superficial film and makes the cleaning easier. For washing operation,
    use a neutral cleaner like MGP 24.
  4. - Packaging: carton with 12 1-l bottles = 12 litres
    carton with 4 5-l cans = 20 litres
  5. - Safety measures: before using the product, read the toxicological data sheet and
    the label containing risks and safety precautions to be taken for a proper use of the
    personal protection devices.
  6. - Tips: before treating or cleaning surfaces, carry out a test on an invisible point to
    prevent possible damages, since our responsibility is limited to the warranty of the
    purchased product and therefore we disclaim any responsibility for damages resulting from
    negligence or wrong use.

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Available sizes

  • 1 Litre - £40.00
  • 5 Litres - £180.00

Note: All prices are for 1 metre squared.

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